About Us
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Omega Sisters Ministry (OSM) was established in October of 1994, in Miami, Florida, and is
affiliated with
Jerusalem Church of God 7th Day, Pastor Demetrius Serieux, presiding. Within the
heart of one, was a vision and yearning for the well being of women.  OSM was also born out of a
sincere heartfelt call of God to embrace, cater, and love hurting, broken women everywhere. We
encourage women to find and develop relationship with the Creator, so they are able to fulfill their

As virtuous women, precious gems, we realize this vision was a great one. Our aim was to
transform the lives of women everywhere. Through the years, we have implemented activities that
have assisted in helping us grow as a woman of God, wife, mother, and a mentor to other women.
It also helped us to move into the purpose and mission of God. To name a few, those activities
were our Prayer Nights, Rap Sessions, “Getting to Know You Project”,  Secret Pal, and our annual

We thank God for the long nights of discussions, prayers, fastings, and helping a sister that was in
need. The Father desires that all women everywhere embrace the essence of who they are and at
the same time share in the spirit of togetherness. We are glad that He chose us to be His hands
and voice in that miracle. We thank our heavenly Father for using our retreats to mold and fashion
us while choosing to use us to minister to others.

As we move forward into our purpose, we covet your prayers and your financial support. We are
expecting to do greater things year after year as the Lord continues to write the vision and make it
plain. We pray that our website can minister to you in such a way that will bring peace, faith, hope,
and love to your environment.

God bless you.
Transforming the lives of women, one day at a time!