We are:

O - Organized
M - Motivated
E  - Energetic
G  - Godly
A  - Achievers
Omega Sisters Ministry (OSM), an integrated auxiliary of
Jerusalem Church of God 7th Day is a support system that
promotes the spiritual, physical, social, and psychological well
being of all women regardless of race or religion. It is a forum
to help women who need positive reinforcement to make it
from day to day. Our motto is transforming the lives of women
one day at a time.

Omega Sisters Ministry’s purpose and mission is to:

  • Be a support system by providing resources and
    program that enhances the development of women.

  • Foster a stronger family unit within various communities
    through workshops, education, conferences, and
    community involvement.

  • Combat domestic violence.

  • Provide resources to rehabilitate drug addicts, the
    incarcerated, and battered women.

  • Promotes physical, spiritual, emotional, and
    psychological wellness of women of all race, culture,
    and religion through programs and projects.

We foster women development by

Offering healing and restoration to the mind, body,
and spirit.

Creating opportunities and resources to enhance
personal growth, and successful living.

Providing a support system to pursue goals and
aspirations, build strong connections through networks,
and forming long-lasting friendships.
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Transforming the lives of women, one day at a time!